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The most important job, and one of the hardest you will ever do is parenting!  It is also the one that comes with the least amount of training.  

Through our 'Bright Course' training, you can take courses tailored to your needs.  These courses cover a wide range of topics.  

These online courses can be taken in your home, or in our office.  After completing each course 'baby bucks' are earned and can be 'spent' in our boutique.

Our boutique is equipped with everything your baby will need along with items to pamper adults.  

Earn While you learn

Main Curriculum

Important information from the first trimester  to a few months after birth.

Toddler Pack

Covers the parenting skills all mothers and fathers will need when raising a todler.

Parenting Pack

Learn the essentials of parenting with love for young children through the teen years.

Life Skills

Focuses on equipping individuals & couples for the future. Covers budgeting, renting, credit, & other life skills.

EWYL will still be available during our move.  Check with Ruth on the details.  

Practical Fatherhood Pack

Created just for dads, this covers a range of topics from discipline to role-modeling and spending time with the family. 

Special   Circumstances

Information to help women work through circumstances such as miscarriage, abuse and more. 



Learn the essentials of parenting with love and building strong families. These lessons focus young children through the teen years.



Sometimes we just need a listening ear to discuss the stresses of life or the many challenges that come with parenting. These classes are for exactly that. 

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